What a joy it was to have our Patron, Mark Rylance kick off our "What's in a Play" series with the most amazing workshop.

Simply entitled 'Play' Mark's 2 hour session explored finding truth through play.

Read what participants made of the workshop:

Oli Towse, Actor: "As an actor, being present on stage is key but that doesn't mean being centre of attention. Watching an actor listening on stage is infinitely more powerful than watching an actor 'act'."

Lois Kruk, Observer: "Mark Rylance's workshop at Intermission was enthralling from start to finish and blew me away. Mark engaged the actors immediately by encouraging them to be in the present moment, and as observers we were also on this journey. The blindfold improvisation set by Mark invited the actors to be free and experimental, to explore the unknown and be truthful on stage. He truly is the master of the master class."